WGAL TV Interview

I shot a four-part segment with Lori Burkholder today for Channel 8 News. I have a sweet couple I've been helping in Lititz and they were gracious enough to let us film at their new house. We got to take a peek at their pantry, garage, storage room, and beautiful walk-in closet. You get to see a piece of one of our finished projects and I give advice on where to start the decluttering process. We air on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 4pm, so be sure to tune in for Spring Decluttering Tips! I will also post the link on the blog once it airs in case you miss it.

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Celebrating 9 years of business! We've been helping people uncover what's important and unload what gets in the way since 2008. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate because things are coming back to life! The same can be true for those rooms in your home that have grown stuffy and stale over the winter. As a celebration gift, we are offering free consultations if you book before April 9th!

From the Archives

Here's an article I uncovered with the help of Barbara Blank and Chris Rupp of Business Woman Magazine. I hope it gives you some useful tips for decluttering this Spring! I couldn't get the second page to download, so here are some extra tips we included! Tips for Minimizing Paper Keep bills until you pay them. Consider setting up online banking so you can plan payment in advance. Shred documents that contain personal data. Keep deposit and ATM receipts until you reconcile them with your monthly statement. You don’t need to keep credit-card bills after you’ve paid them, unless you need them to support deductions you’re taking on taxes.

WGAL Online Interview

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Success Grab some tips from professional organizers Mara Clements and Todd Sweet as they share advice on clearing out clutter and maximizing space this season.

Free Wardrobe Planner

I've already mentioned capsule wardrobes, so I thought I'd share a link I found on the Un-Fancy website. If you're seriously considering taking the plunge to drastically pair down your seasonal clothes, click on the link below for a jumpstart. FREE Capsule Wardrobe Worksheet!

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are the latest trend in fashion and in professional organizing! Clients are pairing down their closets to around 33 pieces per season, keeping only the clothes they love to wear. This cuts down on the time it takes to get ready for the day and the amount of money they spend on clothes in general. MoreSPACE would love to help jumpstart this project for you as we come into a new season! Get more info on capsule wardrobes here.

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