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Home Office 

Home office + paper filing system reboot. Declutter, organize, and style your space so you can do business better, no matter where you're working. (pssst... it can be a tax write-off!)

organize your home office and design a paper filing system

Bedroom Suite

Declutter, organize, and style your bedroom, bathroom, and closet so you have a place in your home to call your own and to recharge.

organize your bedroom, bathroom, and closet for a space to recharge in your home
organized wooden dining room decor, downsize your home

Downsize Deal

Looking to downsize so you can put your house on the market and sell it fast? I can make each room more appealing to potential buyers by helping you declutter, organize, and style your whole home (up to 40 hours).

professional organizer in lancaster, PA help move in to a new home and unpack

Move-In Magic

Moving into a new home and don't have the time or energy to start the unpacking process? Let me help you get your entire home set up and ready to live in (up to 40 hours)! 

Ship Out Shape Up

Combine the downsizing package 

with the move-in package so you have TWO less things to worry about.

Decluttering and move-in help up to

70 hours.

natural, minimal aesthetic in living with decor to declutter, downsize, pack and move

Recurring Refresh

Need a professional organizer on retainer? Choose from a monthly, bi-monthy, or seasonal refresh package!

I stop by for a couple hours each visit to make tweaks and freshen up so your home always looks updated and tidy.

(This is a great idea if you have a  housekeeper who needs things in order so they can clean!)

professional organizer in lancaster, pa refreshing home seasonal organizing

Design Consult

Rebecca Addington from Ville + Rue is offering MoreSPACE clients 10% off her design fee!

Click the button below to schedule an in-home consultation so she can hear your design needs,

take measurements, and put together a floor plan just for you!

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