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Face Your Fears

Decluttering can be scary. Face your fears with pro tips from professional organizer Mara Clements

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Of course de-cluttering can be scary! We attach meaning to nearly every dish and picture frame and hand towel because there’s usually a story behind it. So when people hear the word “de-cluttering”, they often hear “throwing away everything precious that I love.”

I want to change the way you hear the word “de-cluttering”. Think of it as a sifting to find what truly matters to you and what adds value to your life. It’s less about about what you get rid of and more about what you choose to take with you into your future.

Changing our mindset around the process of de-cluttering starts with understanding the process. This is a life skill. It takes time and practice. Start small. Pick one room or area that stresses you out and block out time to tackle it. You will waste more energy dragging it out and resenting it than you will scheduling a time to take care of it.

Once you’ve scheduled it in, begin envisioning how you want to feel when you walk into that space or open that cupboard. How would you like it to function ideally? When the day comes to start the editing process, that vision will be the foundation for your next steps.

If you need professional help, find an organizer who can empathize with your fear and can encourage you to dream up what’s possible for your space. We’ve worked with all different types of personalities in all kinds of homes, so we know how to bring your visions into reality. We’ve tested what works and what doesn’t, what saves time, what saves energy, and what inspires.

Cultivating a functional and peaceful home is an investment, but the benefits are a beautiful thing. No more decision fatigue (where should I put this?), wasting time searching for things, running late, spending money on things you already have, etc. De-cluttering is truly a form of self care and you deserve the investment. You deserve to live in a home that invites rest, peace, fun, and laughter. Do yourself a favor and take the leap, face your fear, and consider that you don’t have to do it alone.

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