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Behind the Scenes of a Professional Organizer featuring Harrisburg's Sara Bozich

This is a repost from my blog on Susquehanna Style.

Woman writing at freshly organized desktop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I thought it would be fun to interview one of the burg’s local celebrities, Sara Bozich. I had the privilege of “Queer-Eyeing” her home office a few months ago and enjoyed every second. To get the behind the scenes of how a professional organizer like me works with their clients, here’s a little peek into her sacred space in Harrisburg.

Mara: What does your home office mean to you?

Sara: My home office is my refuge, my sanctuary. It's where I start (and sometimes end) my days. Pre-pandemic, I spent 8-12 hours in this office, and it's important that it makes me feel good. Now that I spend less time here (taking care of a toddler is top billing), it's the place where I pad off to when I get time to myself.

Mara: How do you feel when you walk into or work in your space now compared to before it was decluttered and organized?

Sara: It's much more a retreat. I'm not wasting mental space on what I'd like to do or finding things or even just the disarray of all my "stuff." I loved working with you. From the first time we chatted, I knew we were like-minded, and you were never judgmental about my clutter status.

Mara: When did you know things needed to change?

Sara: I found myself distracted mentally and creatively by the clutter, and it made it increasingly difficult to get work done. I have a bad habit of making this room a dumping ground (to keep clutter away from high traffic areas like kitchen and living room).

Professionally organized desktop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with "boss lady" nametag in front of a computer

Mara: How do you feel when there are piles in your space?

Sara: Admittedly, I'm a piles person. I don't like it, but it's who I am haha. However, it makes me feel distracted and uncomfortable. It's undone things that prevent me from doing what I need/want to do.

Mara: How do you manage or prevent pile-ing?

Sara: I try to completely clean off my desk at least once a week now. The reason piles occur is my innate need to "do something" with everything. I always think I might need something or that I'm going to do a project sooner than what my schedule actually allows. I've been trying to be real with myself, stop procrastinating, toss/recycle what I do not need, and keep front of mind that a clear desk and office help me actually accomplish more.

Mara: What were the hardest things for you to let go of and do you have any regrets?

Sara: Nothing that I recall, so that tells you something. These days (I'm near constantly trying to declutter/downsize), I try to think about whether I'd buy it now, or if this disappeared would I even notice, can I find this online (papers/documents), etc. I try to be ruthless.

Mara: What system has been a life-saver (or time-saver) in your office?

Sara: This is going to sound so silly because it's so simple, but grouping like things and labeling drawers, containers, etc. It's a mental relief to know just where things are and where they should be returned to.

If you’re curious and want to see more pictures of Sara’s beautiful home office, you can follow her on Instagram @sarabozich. For all things events, promotion and social in Harrisburg, visit

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