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Receive Love and Create Openness: How to Feel at Home in Your Relationships

Professional home organizer in Lancaster, PA helping a mom and daughter organize their pantry

I usually don’t suggest having an endless supply of anything, but love is in the air this time of year, and it’s an obvious exception.

I’m all about creating openness and giving things away when it comes to physical environments, but the same can be applied to our relationships. Doing so will help us live as more authentic versions of ourselves. We can feel at home in our relationships.

So, what can we do to cultivate an environment to receive love and an aptitude to pass it on this year?

Love YOU. 

Sure, you can schedule a massage or a manicure, but I’m suggesting taking self-care a little deeper this time. It might even be a little bit difficult. 

Fully consider the question: “In what ways can I take care of myself that would feel good?” You may have an answer come to you immediately– that scary thing you’ve been putting off, like scheduling a therapy session, reaching out to a friend, or putting away your phone. How do you feel? How would it feel to take care of your inner needs?

Here are some actionable self-love ideas:

  • Schedule a weekend away without electronics to a place you’ve been wanting to explore

  • Research local mental health professionals you could talk to, and reach out to one of them. You can try searching on Psychology Today and set your location to Lancaster, PA, or wherever is closest to you. 

  • Notice when you are being hard on yourself, and try talking to yourself with compassion instead of criticism for a week. Read up on self-compassion research here

  • Schedule a time to catch up with a friend to talk about what’s been on your mind recently.

  • Walk around your home and pick a spot that can be all yours, even if it’s just a reading nook. Bring it to life with a piece of art, fresh flowers, and a soft blanket. 

It’s okay to prioritize your wellbeing. We love others better when we love ourselves well. 

Professional organizer in Lancaster PA decluttering and organizing a kitchen pantry for working mom, save time

Get Open. 

It’s common knowledge that human beings are wired for connection.

Relationships are fun because they have the potential to bring us to life. At the same time, it’s true that opening up to joy can also open us to hurt. 

I’m going to suggest that being our authentic selves around people we trust is totally worth the joy and the pain. It’s growth, it’s connection, it’s what makes the world go ‘round. 

Take the time to curate your crew this year. I try to look for people whom I aspire to be like, and then make an effort to simply be around and learn from them. Consistent positive interactions will build friendship over time. Be sure to include the people who love you just as you are but will challenge you to be better. You deserve friends who see your inner shine and want to help you bring it out.

Love Actually. 

There are a lot of definitions for love floating around, but we all know it when we see it and feel it. Practice moving through your day with love to give.

Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Smile and say hello when you pass a stranger. 

  • Ask someone how they are doing or what’s on their mind if you are truly curious about their answer. 

  • Consider what’s below the surface of your moody co-worker. 

  • Assume the best about your significant other. 

All of these ideas are easy to suggest, so easy that we often take them for granted. But when put into practice, you’ll start to see the potential in these little daily habits. 

The more secure I am in my own worth, and the more I practice vulnerability and connection with trusted friends, the more effortless it is to see the people around me as human beings worthy of love and connection as well.

If any of these tips sparked your curiosity and you decide to give them a try, show us a picture on Instagram (@morespace_organizing) or Facebook of your reading nook, your crew, or a new connection!

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