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How to Mindfully Reset for the New Year and Set your Intentions

I tend to rebel against the New Year’s resolution bandwagon because I don’t enjoy doing something just because “I’m supposed to.”

That being said, however, it’s hard to deny the benefits of treating the new year like an opportunity for a fresh start (or any time of the year). Taking a moment to check in with ourselves and get grounded in what’s most important to us can truly benefit us from the inside out. 

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Why I Don't Make New Year's "Resolutions"

I have decided to view New Year’s resolutions in a way that’s more compassionate, intentional, and forgiving this year by focusing on what’s most important to me, without judgment.

Starting the year with an intention that will help us stand in our values is a beautiful first step towards growth. To me, the word “intention” feels more aligned with the feelings I want to cultivate in my life than “resolution,” which sounds more intense. Intentions can take any form: physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

How to Set Your Intentions for the New Year

To set my intentions, I recently walked through Brene Brown’s list of values that she accumulated from her research of whole-hearted people (people who fully embrace this life’s ups and downs). After starting with a long list of value words that I circle, I was eventually able to narrow my top values down to three things: authenticity, love, and growth

I chose these values because: 

  • They define who I am right now

  • They represent who I am at my best

  • They are the filter I try to use when I’m faced with hard decisions

Keeping those values in mind, the intentions I’ve set for this year are: 

  1. Practice advocating for myself in conflict

  2. Drink more water so I can think more clearly

  3. Try things in my business that I may fail at

These intentions will hopefully help me move through life in an authentic, loving way that supports my long-term growth.

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Mindful 2024 Intention Ideas

After you’ve narrowed down your values, try coming up with some ideas for things you could do that align with your list. Here are some examples of positive intentions to set depending on your values:

  • If you value achievement, you might join a Couch to 5K program and register for a marathon (not me). 

  • If you value beauty, you may decide to put an extra $100 aside each month that will go towards home improvements. 

  • If you value career, you may take the leap of updating our resume and submitting it for your dream job

  • If you value family, you might decide to go through your children’s sentimental items and display your favorites instead of keeping them stored away.

We all value different things at different times, so taking a moment to reevaluate what’s important to us and why will help us recalibrate and start focusing our energy on what truly brings us to life (not to mention, shed the things bringing us down). A mindful reset can come at any time of year, but why not romanticize this season and plan some things to look forward to?

How to Set Your Intentions for Your Home or Office

If you enjoyed this article on how to mindfully reset for the new year, you might enjoy my worksheet on how to envision your dream space. It will help you get clear on the feelings you have when you think about getting organized or decluttering your home. Then, you can give yourself permission to honor those feelings and set up your home or office based on your values.

If you're interested, you can click here to get the link to the free "Envision Your Dream Space" PDF worksheet sent to your preferred email address.

Wish me luck and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @morespace_organizing to see how I’m doing, and tell me what intentions you’ve set for your new year and your fresh start. I’d be excited to hear them!

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