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Tips for Detoxifying Your Home

This is a repost from my blog on Susquehanna Style.

Organized, minimal kitchen sink area with natural products to the left

Envision your ideal feeling and function for your space

  • Permission to dream. How do you want to feel when you wake up on your day off, or trudge into your home after a long day at work?

    • I want to wake up or come home to a place of refuge, a space that echoes peace and sparks happiness.

  • Envisioning what you want is the first step toward getting there, and it will give you the motivation you need to start and continue detoxing your home.

Pull everything out

  • Take one room or one category at a time. Consider starting with your most used space (like the kitchen or bedroom) or the most stressful category (like clothes or paperwork).

  • If I’m doing a kitchen, I pull everything out of the cabinets first, and categorize/consolidate the pieces I use and love. Then I move onto the drawers, and finally the pantry.

  • Categorizing and consolidating give you a clearer picture of what you have and how much you have. It helps you see what you use and what you don’t.

Clear out what doesn’t belong

  • Toss or recycle the things that are broken, torn, or stained beyond repair.

  • Sell, consign, or donate the items that are in good condition but that you haven’t used in the past year.

  • Feel lighter yet? If so, you’re making progress. Keep going and be honest with yourself about what you truly use and need.

Deep clean to detox your home on a micro-level

  • Once the trash has been cleared out, the donations have been set aside for pickup, and the things that don’t belong in that room have been transferred to their proper places, take this opportunity to do a deep clean.

  • Dust the hard to reach places, disinfect, and scrub the corners, crevices, and surfaces until they sparkle.

  • You deserve a clean home to store the things that are important to you.

Only keep what serves you/brings you joy

  • Take your time as you contain each category in a cabinet, drawer, or bin/basket. Find containment that suits your style, whether that’s wicker, glass, or fabric. Picking bins and baskets that match your personality will spark creativity and help you feel at home in your house.

  • Put items where they make sense for you and your family: drinking glasses by the fridge or sink, cooking utensils and spices near the stove, etc.

  • Once everything has a place, take in the big picture. Tweak where things feel crowded or look cluttered. Ask if this room measures up to your original vision and purpose for the space. If the answer is yes, reward yourself for all the mental and physical energy you invested in your health and enjoy your new space. You are worth it.

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