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Interior Home Design You'll Love with Lancaster's Ville and Rue

This is a repost from my blog on Susquehanna Style.

Rebecca Addington from Ville and Rue in Lancaster, Pennsylvania smiling standing in street with arms crossed
Mark Pontz Photography

Lots of people are moving into new places this summer, so I'm really excited to be partnering with Rebecca Addington of Ville + Rue in Lancaster to help turn these new houses into homes through interior design.

Ville + Rue (which is French for "city and street") opened in downtown Lancaster last year and is already a staple in the community. Rebecca has hand picked beautiful furniture pieces, stylish home accents, and adorable trinkets with a perfect blend of the masculine and feminine.

While my strength is decluttering and organizing, Rebecca's gift is for design and style. I am excited to learn interior design from her and happy to have a reputable and trusted company to recommend to my clients who are looking to style their homes and fill in the missing pieces.

The greatest benefit of this collaboration though, is working with Rebecca. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, you've got to stop into the shop. I asked her a few questions to give you a taste of her expertise, her style, and her personality, but also to give you an idea of how to bring your new home to life.

Mara: Hi Rebecca! In your opinion, what is the one thing that makes a house a home?

Rebecca: Our tagline is "Love Where You Live," which means your space should be a personal reflection of you! While it's not one specific thing, it's the culmination of pieces that work together to represent the ones who call their house "home." That's where we come in! Our clients have great style and instincts, and we are there to help pick the best pieces for their lifestyle, and help to tie it all together aesthetically. But it is ultimately a reflection of who they are and how they live.

M: I am all about self-reflections, so I love that. Is there a certain room that you suggest starting with?

R: We usually suggest starting with the room that is lived in the most. Often this is a living room or dining room. This is where we go to relax, to spend time with loved ones, and make memories. We then work with the rest of the rooms in the house to tie into these main areas, and create harmony throughout the home.

Lancaster, PA Professional Organizer Mara Clements standing in organized kitchen with arms crossed, smiling
Shelah Riley Photography

M: That makes complete sense. What are two tips you would give to people who are moving into a new space and want a smooth transition?

R: We often suggest starting with the large pieces that are the focal points. These set the tone and anchor the space. (Think Sectional or Dining Table.) You don't have to do everything at once, but if you have a vision for your home and start with a few main pieces, you will watch it come to life over time.

2. Reenvision your pieces, whether it be a favored side table or collection of photos. It may need to go in a different area than originally planned, or altered slightly to fit with the new space, but it almost always can work. Finding a way to incorporate the things we love is essential to feeling at home throughout a transition.

M: Reenvisioning spaces is most definitely our cup of tea. Thank you, Rebecca, and I’ll see you in the shop!

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