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Simple Holiday Organizing and Styling Tips from a Professional Organizer

Photo of professional organizer with dark green background and aesthetic design fabric pieces for simple decorating

The holidays offer an opportunity to create more space for relaxation and reflection. Although it may get overwhelming or pressure-filled because you have people coming over, there is a way to find excitement in the possibilities of the season. Here are my simple holiday organizing and styling tips for minimizing your holiday responsibilities this year.

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Simplify your decor for a more cohesive style.

A lot of us decorate with items we’ve used since childhood, things we received our first year of marriage, and all the gifts we’ve collected from the grandchildren. This holiday season, consider decorating with only the best of the best– the things that bring you the most joy. That way, you can give each item the thought and space that it deserves. Sentimental decor can be stored in a memory box instead of on the mantle ;)

If you can’t decide on your favorites, you may consider picking a focused category instead. For example, you could choose to decorate with only your black and white items for a neutral, calm look, or you could pick a word like “warm” or “whimsical” and pick decorations based on that aesthetic. That way, you can feel like you have new pieces to decorate with each year without having to buy anything new.

Minimal decor of plain white books and a green plant branch on top

Use all of your senses, but don’t overwhelm them.

Focus on finding just one thing that reaches each of the senses that you have: visuals, sounds, textures/temperature, tastes, and/or smells. Here are some sensory decor ideas:

  • Faux fur blankets and/or pillows are soft to the touch, functional, and make a living room and bedroom feel cozy.

  • A pine or cinnamon candle or oil diffuser on each floor reaches your sense of smell and can invoke happy memories.

  • Instead of placing a bunch of figurines around each corner, consider using white lights and garlands on the door frames, mantel, and railings for a more natural aesthetic.

Not only will you feel less overwhelmed in your home, but there is also less to set up, clean, put away, and store at the end of the season.

Be intentional about the spaces you clear.

If you set out to declutter your entire house in preparation for the holidays, you may be left feeling burnt out or paralyzed by overwhelm. Instead, focus your attention on the essential areas that will be key to celebrating the holidays in a way that is “good enough” given your time and resources. Here are my suggestions.

Clear a path.

Getting things up off the floor leaves your rooms looking and feeling lighter and less cramped for your guests. To help with clearing a path, be sure to utilize:

  • Hanging systems behind doors

  • Cabinet spaces below your waist

  • Decorative bins to hide small things like toys and shoes

Clear the counters.

You’ll likely want to have extra room to spread out while you’re prepping food for company and setting up your charcuterie and cocktails! Only keep the things you use daily on your countertops. For example, my counters have a percolator, a crock for cooking utensils, and a paper towel holder. Clearing out space under your counter for things that you use less frequently can make your kitchen look more open and clean.

Clear a closet.

If you have a closet in or near your front entryway, clear it out to make room for the hats, gloves, scarves, and coats that will be filtering in with your guests so that they don’t get lost or end up cluttering other areas in your home.

Sturdy wood hangers are my favorite for winter coats. You can put a boot mat on the floor of the closet and have labeled bins for loose articles on the shelf.

Professional organizer near Lancaster, PA setting up an intentional entryway for guests

Celebrate yourself and savor your simplified home!

The less clutter you have to start with, the easier it is to relax and enjoy yourself when company arrives. You don’t have to worry about them opening a door to a room full of junk, and you don’t have to walk around behind them cleaning up so you have less work later. You can just be in your home and enjoy the present company.

Get started by clicking here to get a printable checklist sent to your email. It breaks down this blog post into manageable steps and will help you stay focused and inspired while getting prepped for the busyness.

Whatever holidays you are celebrating this season, I hope you experience real peace and joy in your homes because you and your company truly deserve it.

Free printable holiday organizing checklist PDF download worksheet to get your home ready for the holidays and guests

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