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Tips on How to Deal with Overwhelm + Free PDF Worksheet to Organize Your Mind

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Ever notice how clutter can take over our home space AND our head space? It’s a vicious cycle that may leave us feeling drained or just plain “bleh” about our lives. However, it’s normal to get overwhelmed sometimes, so there’s no need to apply extra pressure to “get it all together.”

If you’re like me and are sick of feeling trapped by all the to-do’s we place on ourselves, keep reading for some tiny tips to deal with overwhelm that have helped me along the way.

For more actionable steps, you can get the free printable PDF worksheet for organizing your mind to deal with overwhelm, sent to your preferred email address by clicking here.


I think that’s where the word “beware” comes from. Be mindful about what’s going on in your body.

There’s no need to push through the day ignoring yourself. Take a moment to stop what you’re doing and be aware. This will allow you to notice your blood pressure going up, your eyes starting to get blurry, or your anxiety beginning to flare up. Take a deep breath to connect with these feelings on a deeper level.


I love that the word “knowledge” is attached.

First, acknowledge whatever you’re feeling in your body, mind, or emotions without judgment. “Hi feeling, I see you!” Take a moment to get behind your emotions and observe.

Picture where the feeling is coming up for you in your body. Your gut? Your head? Your throat? How does it feel specifically? Maybe a certain part of your body feels weak or shaky, or maybe it feels tense and painful.

This is how you build knowledge about yourself and your emotional patterns. You’re getting to know how you uniquely react to things and what helps or not. There is no shame in taking a pause and absolutely no shame in feeling “out of sorts.” Simply take it in as information.

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Second, accept what’s coming up for you. If what you’re noticing is information, there’s no harm in accepting that info. It’s actually helpful!

You may say to yourself something like, “It’s ok you feel like this. You’re trying to point something out to me.” Our bodies are trying to keep us alive, so accepting what it’s telling you builds trust and empathy with yourself. It also takes the power away from any shame that may try to attach itself.


Third, explore it! Ask yourself, “What’s happening or not happening right now that is bringing up these feelings?” For me, it’s usually all the responsibilities that have piled up on my desk.

As ideas come to your head about why you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, notice what story is playing in your brain and follow that lead. “If I don’t get all of this done now, so-and-so will be disappointed, I’ll have to pay a late fee, I won’t do it perfectly, etc…” Take as much time as you need/can as you practice being aware of your body and emotions.

No matter what thoughts pop into your head, remember that you are a valuable human being who is worth taking care of. Take deep breaths to remind yourself that you’re okay, no matter what you get done today. Usually that’s all the motivation we need to do just the next right thing. One right thing at a time.

If you want more guidance or an actionable way to refer to these steps in the future, refer to the free printable PDF worksheet on dealing with overwhelm. Get it through your email by clicking here. You'll also get access to my mailing list, with more tips and updates about what I'm working on!

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