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How to Reclaim Your Space through Organizing

This is a repost from my blog on Susquehanna Style.

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I share this quote a lot: “Our spaces are never passive- they make us feel things and that informs what we do.” It’s so true. Our environment affects the way we live, from our attitudes to our actions. My goal is to empower you to uncover the peace and inspiration I know already exists in your home or office (and ultimately in yourself). Here are some practical tips on how to reclaim your space so it serves you better.

Look around.

What do you value in your space and what is festering negative energy? Maybe you are trying to get work done in a space where the surfaces are covered with mail, papers, nicknacks, and loose change. How do you feel in that space? The words overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and hopeless come to mind because I’ve felt that way before too. What are you holding onto that is just taking up space or causing you to feel guilty (like an expensive pair of shoes you never wore or a book you were gifted by your mom)? Consider cultivating a space that reflects what you value.

Decide your values.

First of all, let me remind you that you are worth taking up space. You are also worth boundaries, and the first step toward setting up healthy ones is to determine what you value in your space. Is it peace? Motivation? Accountability? If you have a crappy office chair, but value productivity, you may want to consider purchasing a more comfortable and stylish seat that helps you feel taken-care-of and doesn’t require you to adjust and stretch every 15 minutes.

Set your boundaries to reclaim space.

Boundaries are containers that support and hold what’s important to us, a clear understanding of what’s okay and what’s not ok for us. They are parameters that lessen decision fatigue and protect us from the symptoms mentioned above. If you value peace and quiet in your home office, make a list of what you need to protect the purpose and ideal function of that room. Maybe that’s scheduling your work during the two quietest hours of the day and not taking any phone calls. If you value time, maybe you simplify your filing system so you’re not wasting precious minutes searching for what you need as requests pop up throughout the day. Boundaries are a form of self-care and are a learned skill, practice, and an adjustment. Give yourself some grace as you try new ones on for size.

Look for the benefits.

  • Clarity: When you’ve simplified what you keep, it’s finally possible to have a place for everything, so you always know where to find what you need and when to add to your shopping list.

  • Confidence: Knowing where everything is means one less thing to have on your mind AND you’re ready for company at the drop of a hat.

  • Creativity: There’s something about order that invites creativity. Maybe it’s the bare wall that’s begging to be decorated or the large desk space available to work on projects you love.

We need loving boundaries for our ourselves, our family, our work, our time, our resources, and our space. Where do you see a need for boundaries in your home today?

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